Gold medal-winning whiskey finds a new generation of distillers

Mark McLaughlin and Arch Watkins, former Navy fliers with a lifelong love of whiskey, met Bob Stilnovich, a founder of Golden Distillery while on a trip to Seattle. Bob, a fellow veteran, was ready to retire and pass the torch on his Best-in-Class American Single Malt. Mark and Arch were looking to start Baltimore’s first distillery in decades (by the time Old Line’s door’s were open, there were already two other great distilleries!)

So Mark and Arch set off for remote Samish Island in northwest Washington state, where they mastered the art of making American Single Malt whiskey under Bob’s guidance. Six days a week, 5 am till 10 pm, they distilled whiskey until they could do it with their eyes closed. With their apprenticeship complete, and with Bob’s blessing, they moved the distillery to their hometown of Baltimore.

In February, 2017, Old Line’s doors finally opened to the public in the Highlandtown neighborhood in Baltimore. Since then Mark and Arch have been busy distilling in the 25,000 sqft facility. Additionally, they continue to hone the craft with their friend’s at Middle West Spirits, with whom they periodically work hand-in-hand to make single malt on Middle West’s much larger equipment. Aside from Old Line’s flagship American Single Malt Whiskey, they’ve also introduced a very limited Peated American Single Malt, a Cask Strength American Single Malt (at 120 proof!), an Aged Caribbean Rum, and a Navy Strength Aged Caribbean Rum.

“We’re proud to be making great spirits with the same commitment to quality instilled out at Golden Distillery. When you have a chance, come by to a take a tour, learn the process, share some stories, and have a taste of some great whiskey and rum.”

Cheers – Mark & Arch


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