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Single Barrel Releases and Private Barrel Picks

Hand Selected & Bottled at Cask Strength
Experience the extraordinary world of American Single Malt with our Single Barrel Releases and Private Barrel Picks, featuring rare and distinctive cask strength whiskeys.

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Old Line American Single Malt Whiskey – Single Barrel

Hand-selected from hundreds of barrels in their prime, each bottling is a showcase of unparalleled quality, complexity, and flavor. Every label offers a transparent insight into its unique production, aging, and bottling details. These Single Barrels are presented at their natural cask strength, capturing the essence of their individuality. Enjoy it neat or with a splash of water to unveil its full flavor potential.

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Old Line Private Barrel Pick

For those wanting a personal hand in selecting a unique bottle of whiskey for themselves or their customers, Old Line offers Private Barrel Picks. The final product can be bottled at a proof of your choosing and the label will include your logo and customizable verbiage. A typical 53 gallon barrel will yield between 38 and 45 six pack cases, depending on its age. The barrel selection can be done on-site at the distillery or via mail (state laws permitting).

Email info@oldlinespirits.com for more information.

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Interested in a Private Barrel Selection?

Email info@oldlinespirits.com for more information and to setup a distillery visit or virtual tasting.